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Thorki- I miss you 1/ 5
  Už je to několik měsíců, co Loki zmizel. Porušil otcův zákaz opustit Asgard po tom, co učinil na Midgardu. Bál jsem se o něj. Bál jsem se, že ho najdou a bude mu hrozit trest smrti, ale zároveň jsem měl strach, že už ho neuvidím nikdy. Do čeho jsi se to zase zamotal, bratříčku?
  Pomáhal jsem Avengers s jedním úkolem, když jsem si ho všiml. Byl v obrovském davu, ale já bych ho poznal mezi miliony jiných. Vlasy měl svázané v culík, na nose černé sluneční brýle a oblečen byl do nějakého zdejšího tmavozeleného kabátu. Procházel se ulicí a ani si mne nevšiml.
  "Thore, seš OK?" otázal se Clint a lehce se mnu zatřásl.
  "Ehm... ano, ano jsem," dostal jsem ze sebe. Když jsem se opět oto
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Human, god and tesseract
"Není to nic jednoduchého," pokračoval ve vysvětlování Eric Selvig a ředitel S.H.I.E.L.D.u a lukostřelec ho soustředěně poslouchali. "Je to brána, portál. Dokáže vyzařovat neskutečnou energii."
  "A co se děje teď?" zeptal se Clint, čímž přerušil doktorův už tak moc dlouhý monolog, a ukázal na počítač, u kterého seděl jeden ze jejich zaměstnanců.
  "Začíná to, vyzařuje to přesně taková čísla, takovou energii, jak jsme si mysleli... Počkat! Ne, je to silnější, větší," mumlal muž u monitoru a všichni tři pozorovali údaje ukazované počítačem.
  "Vypadá to, jako by to chtělo bouchnout nebo tak něco," konstatoval neodborně Barton. Z tesserraktu začala vychá
:iconmayadark99:MayaDark99 2 0
Steve was just returning home, he'd gotten back from going out with Bucky. They'd been hanging out more and more ever since they'd found each other again, though Bucky was- well different, but after all the problems and such, they'd gotten back to being best friends. Great friends. Sometimes, if they got carried away-
"Steve." Said blonde tensed up, biting his lip as he slowly turned and peered at the genius leaning on the wall behind him. Forcing a smile as he was just hanging his coat up, Jarvis must have announced him. But Steve's brain was already mush, the look on Tonys face was truly heart breaking. "...You were out pretty late there Cap.. you were, with Bucky right?" Steve knew, that Tony already knew the answer to that question. He could see Tony wanted him to lie. Wanted him to tell him no and he wasn't. Tony Stark, wanted to be wrong for the first time in his life. Steve walked over to him, his smile never faltering as he wrapped his arms around him,
"No, I was with Clint and
:iconjustakidfrombrooklyn:JustaKidFromBrooklyn 111 102
Stucky- Some night may not be as peaceful...
It was another cold night out in the middle of nowhere, a star riddled sky with no context, enshrouded by the tips of the trees that implied a sense of protection, when the man sitting in the chilling mist blanketing the clearing thought there was something more comforting that his little heaven he currently laid in, and it was sleeping next to him.
Although his source of comfort was currently wandering in the realm of dreams, he felt he could tell his companion his deepest secrets and the sleeping man would still hear. He didn’t have a gun strapped to his waist, a rifle in his hand or his shield by his side, but he could sense the vast and cavernous expanse of their impenetrable bubble, where there was no need for bullets, no need for fighting or hiding behind a mask, an identity. Here, they could just be.
The scenery changed every time they were able to sink into this tranquil area, meant only for them. They didn’t. This was a place they could cast aside their fears, thei
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stucky by reincao stucky :iconreincao:reincao 814 38 Stucky by SpankTB Stucky :iconspanktb:SpankTB 198 17
Jealousy - Sherlock X Reader
       Rain was falling down from the roof of the flat John Watson and Sherlock Holmes shared. John, at the moment, was sipping a cup of tea and smiling at his laptop as he typed away. Sherlock, on the other hand, was bored. He had no cases to solve, and John had taken away the gun after he got three bullets in the wall where the yellow smiley face was painted. He looked around the room, trying to finding something to peak his interest, even if for a second. John let out a soft chuckle and continued typing, nodding at something.
       Sherlock sat up, looking at his face and body expressions. He was smiling, but it wasn't a smile as if something were funny. No, it was more of a smile as if he was conversing with an old pal. But the way his body was relaxed, and that he continued to type instead of taking a break, it was an important person in his life. A girlfriend, possibly. That probably wasn't it, though, because John would be more nervous th
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Stony - Super Valentine I by Vivalski Stony - Super Valentine I :iconvivalski:Vivalski 2,792 449


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Hi, I am back here agaim for a long time. I promised you Father/Mother!Original Avengers Character x Teenage!Reader. The first part is Tony... I hope you enjoy and please rate and comment if you like it! Thanks! :)
Father!Tony Stark x Teenage!Reader

,,Jarvis, what can I do now?!" you yelled. ,,You can't use the jets, miss (Name)." ,,And what can I do?!" You were scared and falling into New York, let us say, into New York's asphalt, because you were falling free fall, anyone couldn't help you. You will die. ,,If you want, I can call Mr. Stark," Jarvis said, with his regular calm. ,,No! I will do everything, just don't call my dad!"  He didn't know about it, of course, he will forbid it to you, so you used and uses his Iron Man's suit, when he had some proceeding or he works on something, secretly, sure. One or two times he almost saw you, but you were quick and quiet and he didn't know anything. That was good, on one side. But that was worse.  You learnt how fly with suit, alone, without help, maybe beside Jarvis, but you hit some building and the systems says errors and that wasn't good. ,,There is left 200 meters," Jarvis said. ,,150 meters. 100 meters. 50 mete-" ,,Jarvis, shut up!" you yelled, because you started panic. You could see shops and restaurants on the street and you closed your eyes. You didn't want see your end. Your last thought was on your father, Tony Stark... Rash and quick pressure hit your back and you flied up. You gasped. Someone held you armful, strongly and toughly, but also softly and carefully. You finally opened eyes and you saw...another Iron Man! ,,Jarvis?" you asked quietly. ,,I am sorry, miss (Name), but your father told and commanded me to call him when you will be in danger, in day, at night, at midnight, so always if you will need it and across your protests." Your way was quiet and without only one word. Tony held you and flied to your home, Stark Tower, but you can recognised he is really much angry, really much. He even didnt look on you, just had his head uprightly and frontward, he didn't give you no one look. You couldn't see his face, across mask, let alone what he thinks.  You two arrived home and Tony landed.  He went on the land floor and parts of his suit got away. He was in his normal clothes and went to living room, still without just one word or look.  When he was away, you repeated what he did and your suit got down too. You followed Tony to lounge. You tried be quietly, because you were scared. Yes, you were scared about him. And of him. He came to bar and took glass of rum and he sat down on the couch. You still stand in doors.  He finally looked on you and you wanted to give a slap to yourself. That look was full of unhappiness, fear and... disappointment. That hit and stuck your heart so much, that you fell on floor and started cry.  ,,(Name)! (Name), whats happening?!" Oh my God. Anthony Edward Stark. Playboy, billionaire, genius, philanthropist. He was really bad and nasty to others, but... You were really surprised and happy. It doesn't matter, how much he is angry - he still take care about you, everytime, always and forever. He quickly stood up and fastly went for you. He was in front of you and crouched toward you. One his arm held your waist, second one was on your shoulder. You looked into his nutty eyes - they were frightened. You just sobbed and hurled on him. You held his neck tighly and you still cried. You felt, how he smiled, but hugged you too - you and Tony have your special personal hug, when you have arms around his neck and he hugs your waist and back and you give legs around his hips, precisely as now. He stood up and took you with him and you two went and after that sat down on the couch.  ,,(Name), are you okay? Iss everything okay?" You sobbed. ,,Y-yes, I am fine, but n-nothing is okay," you said and delved your head into his neck and collarbone. ,,What? Is anything wrong?" he asked and softly forced you to a little pull away, so as he could see your face. He panned your tears. ,,Why you did it? You could die." ,,I, just w-want be like you, brave, super smart, nice, quick, so perfect..." He stopped but smiled. ,,Do you really think this?" You nodded. ,,Oh, come here," he smiled and hugged you again. ,,Why you didn't say me you wants to learn with suit too?" he whispered into your ear. ,,I was afraid you won't allowed to me." ,,Why?" ,,I don't know, I just though it." ,,Oh my God, (Name), how you could think it? I would teach you, and I will teach you, if you want." He really shone with happiness and passionateness. ,,R-really? Do you think it really?" you sobbed. ,,Yes. Yes! Did I anytime lie you?!" You smiled. ,,No, of course. So...when we will start?" You were so happy! ,,Well, Pepper is in Washington and she called she will arrive on next Tuesday, so we have...three days on basic training. Because I think Pepper wouldnt allow it. She is Pepper, you know," he grinned. He was right, Pepper really wouldnt allow it, because she worry about Tony when he flies, so she will be crazy with fear about you... For info, you hates when somebody says your daddy is philanderer, however its true, but you really hates it. And some your dad's girlfriends really hates YOU and you heartily returned to them. Which was almost everytime, well, everytime, because you couldn't imagine she going to be your mother, if he going to get married one of them. That was your nightmares. But Pepper was different. She didn't want and don't wants Tony's money and estates, she wanted and wants Tony. And ,,Darling, I wants Tony, and towards Tony belongs you, okay? You have the same price for me as for him," she said you one time. You really felt she loves you two and you felt she is like your really mother. Which didn't want you and let you to Tony. She really loves you as her own child and you her too. ,,Yes, I think so," you smiled. ,,Okay, come on, quick, now!" You quickly got off him and you could see he was really looking forward on it. You two raced who will be first on land place and you won. ,,Oh, you know, your daddy is older than before," Tony smiled and gasped for air. ,,No, my dad isn't old, you bold mortal! How you can say it?! Your penalty will be terrible!" you imitated Loki and your dad could die with laughing. Everybody says you are great actress and even Loki, when you played scene for him when other Avengers needed a time.  ,,Oh my God, please lay aside me! I was joking, I am little young boy!" he laughed. ,,Mister Stark, is that a Shakespeare?" Jarvis asked and you and Tony exploded of laughing.  When you calmed down, Tony said to Jarvis he is going to have to prepare two suits today. You got choose one of them - Tony's official red/yellow or new red/silver. Tony said it doesn't matter for him so you chose the red/silver. On one side you flied with the red/yellow one by now and you wanted try something new and on second side you couldn't imagine Tony in any other suit than that. It was his part. Part of him.  He helped you to get into and after that he got his own. In his presentation it looked so easy! He told you basic commands and you tried to shot some things, as discarded apple, for example. ,,Hey, you are really good at it! How long do you do it?" Tony asked, but he wasnt angry now, just curious. ,,I don't know, month, maybe, why?" ,,One month? Are you kidding me?! You must be kidding, you are joking! It really had to be shorter, I would noticed it." ,,No, really, from...yeah, from 22nd in May, I know it, because you said you have big mission and I decided I will try it. Yeah, and today is...19th in June, yes, it's month." Tony stopped and sighed. ,,So I am really bad father, right?" You gasped. ,,What?! No! You are the best and dearest and smartest daddy on the whole world! By the way, I didn't want you will see me, know." He shook with his head. ,,Okay, can we continued? The next is...communication and using parts of suit, for example other shots, laser, jets and more. Are you ready?" ,,Aye, sir!" you saluted and he smiled.  ,,Okay, turn on laser!" he yelled. You tried it and after a few seconds Tony had to dodge, because if he didn't, laser did his suit to two half. ,,Sorry?" you said quietly and waited he will say it's over and end and you are going to go to your room and he hates you, because you could kill him! Oh my God, you could kill him! You noticed it now and you were scared at the moment. ,,Wow! That was amazing! Just we have to a little works on coverage, but that will be okay. You're amazing and best student, do you know it?" he smiled before he noticed you are shaking. ,,(Name)? Is anything wrong?" ,,I could... I could kill you," you gasped and on your face poured down tears. ,,No, no, no, no, no, darling, it's okay, honey, please stop cry, nothing happened!" he went in front of you and did your face masks got away and he took your face into his hands. ,,You don't understand, I could kill you, you could die! And it could be my mistake!" you cried and yelled with hysteria in voice. ,,No, no, no, it was next to, it didn't hit me, look, I am fine," he tried calmed you down. ,,You don't understand, you and Pepper are everything for me, really everything and if I or anybody other will hurt you or even...kill,I will kill myself, because there will be nothing what have a price for me!" Tony stopped. He knew you have hysteric outbreak, but that were really strong words, even for Anthony Stark. ,,(Name). What are you talking about for the hell! You cant think it seriously! Do you want to tell me my only and best daughter going to be self-murderer?! Why?! Please, please, promise me one thing." He looked into your eyes deeply. You just nodded. ,,Promise me, if whatever will happen with me,  you will live. You will still live. Okay?" You nodded and hugged him tightly. He caressed your head and kissed you on forehead. You were so drained and tired you didn't notice you fell asleep on your dad. He realized it and he smiled. Jarvis helped him got off all parts of suit and if they done it, Tony took you into armful and took you away to his and Pepper's bedroom. He placed you into their bed and covered you with blanket. He took off his and your shoes and lied next to you. Tony hugged you from behind and you snuggled to him.  You lied that way maybe twenty minutes when Tony heard some sounds. Key in lock. The doors opened and closed. Bag fell on the floor and someone went to bedroom. ,,Hi, lov-" Pepper shut up and smiled when she saw you two and Tony how displays finger on lips. She took off shoes too and quietly and carefully lied behind you, opposite to Tony. ,,Hi love. I had a lot of work but I was hardworking and I done it so I can be here now," she whispered. ,,You are amazing," Tony said and they two kissed above your head. ,,So I have free time now." You opened your eyes and saw... ,,Pepper! Hi! When you arrived? How are you? Is that good in Washi-" Pepper gave finger on your mouth and you grinned. ,,I am going to tell you everything in the morning, okay darling? And I am fine now, with you two and it's the best," she kissed your forehead and mussed Tony's hair. ,,Thank you," he said ironically and shook head in trying give it to normal. ,,But now is the sleep time," she said rigidly but with smile. ,,Pepper, can I sleep with you tonight? Pleeease." You did ,,puppy eyes". ,,Pretty please," Tony added and did ,,puppy eyes" with you. ,,Okay, I haven't problem, but I am warning you," she said seriously. ,,Tony sometimes snores," she laughed and Tony did ,,duck face". ,,I know, Pepper, I know," you said and hugged her. She reciprocated it to you and Tony got near and he hugged Pepper too. You were like big, happy family. They two gave you the kisses on your peak and after kissed each other. ,,Good night my loves," Pepper smiled – she also was falling to sleep. ,,Good night, parents," you grinned. ,,Good night, my darlings, my loves, my girls. My everything," Tony whispered when you two slept and hugged you tighter.


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